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Chuck and Jennifer

One year anniversary’s are special. It’s one of those things that only happens once and are a celebration of love, memories, and strength. It’s a perfect time to review and possibly state again the vows you said and to reflect on the things you did great and the things you did not so great. On my wedding day I promised a lot of things and although I had great intensions of keeping those vows, I failed 110%. And I failed hard. And it’s not that I didn’t try to keep them, it’s just that I’m human and I’m going to mess up day in and day out. But the coolest thing about marriage is that it’s a reflection of God’s promise to us.

A promise of forgiveness.

A promise of hugs when you mess up.

A promise of sacrifice.

A promise of  commitment.

And a promise of true unconditional love that never,ever ends.

So after a year of marriage myself, I would say you just can’t beat it. It is truly best. And I am so thankful that Will is the one that chose me, crazy, never stopping, never ending Energizer Bunny, forgetful minded me. Bless him.

So enough of me, and a little more of Jennifer and Chuck, who also just celebrated their one year anniversary! WHOO! Go them! We did a fun anniversary session, including a hop back into the wedding dress!!! Which was SUCH a blast!


Y’all should have seen Chuck’s face when I told him we could do this picture. He was P.U.M.P.E.D. Nothing screams Chuck Meek more than this picture.


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