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Cagle Baby Announcement

I tend to have a trend when people tell me they are pregnant. Or if you know me, my reaction to anything remotely excited is to scream. So on New Years Eve Kaitlyn told me she had something to show me. Knowing us I thought it was going to be wedding pictures on the wall, something Mara or Roman did, or something Cagle did that was such a “Cagle move”. But nope. There sat an ultrasound. First I screamed (as expected). And then there was denial. I knew they were pulling my leg so I zoomed in on the name of the ultrasound and there was all the evidence I needed. Their name on the ultrasound. Heart dropped….

I’m still in shock mode, but overall my joy level is to the MAX! I am so excited to welcome baby Cagle (gender coming ohh so soon!!!!!) into this world and  claim Aunt hood as Aunt Nae-Nae once again!

Kaitlyn and Cagle, we are so happy for you guys and are praying that Baby C is healthy and will bring you so much joy in the future! I pray that the Lord will guide you to be the parents He expects of you and that Baby C will grow up knowing and loving Christ just as you do too. This journey has only begun!!!


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