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Baby Whitt

Well, there must be something in the air because this little guy is just the first of three newborn sessions that are coming soon to PBJ! So I can’t wait for you to see them all!

If you have ever done newborn sessions you know the perks and the not so much perks.

Perks: Holding a tiny tiny baby, snuggling with the baby, little noises that the baby makes, the smell of a baby, and pretty much anything else that has to do with being in the presence of a new little baby. It’s the best.

Not so perks: Well usually you start out in their little naked booties and so you have to expect the worst. Poop and pee. But you know those really funny picture albums on Facebook where the photographer caught them in action? Let me tell you how real that is. SO REAL. But it’s also pretty humorous when it happens. And then of course there is just the fact that you have to keep them super happy throughout while you push and pull and position them just right.

But in the end you get these beautiful portraits of the sweetest face you could ever imagine. So it’s really all worth it if you ask me!

This little guy is Whitt. And what a cute name that is. He was (I think) about 2 weeks old when we took these so he was more alert and awake throughout the session, but those eyes are darling so I’m glad he was. And he has two big sisters that were so sweet and so helpful throughout the whole process. And then they got to snuggle with him for a bit and it just melted my heart!

So enough of me! Here he is!



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